Pictures From Obabika Lake and River - Temagami Region

These pictures were taken during a three day canoe trip in middle of August 2002. We started on Wawiagama Lake and paddled to the portage to Obabika Lake. Then we canoed the length of the lake in about six hours, stopping by Alex Mathias' place (the last Ojibway Indian living off a reserve). After finding out a bit about the river conditions, we camped a bit north of Obabika River. The sunrise was amazing! Next morning by 8am we were on the river. The river was a bit rough, with a few nasty log jams or short portages (and MANY turns!). Finally, after about nine hours we got to Wawiagama River, which had about 2cm of water at this time! It took us an hour to do 1.5 km, most of it walking and pushing/pulling the canoe over the shallows or many beaver dams. Finally, back on the lake we found a great campsite and enjoyed a nice sunrise the next day. It was a bit cold and windy on the second day, but we did see an eagle on the first day, and a black bear on the road driving back.