Pictures From Nepewassi Lake

Pictures from another nice trip to Nepewassi Lake in July of 2022. We did some fishing and a lot of relaxing! Had a couple of beautiful sunsets and a foggy morning. The best part was probably the tasty blueberries that were just starting!

Pictures from a fun four day camping-fishing trip to Nepewassi Lake with my dad in June 2022. We took the boat to Barlow Bay and camped on an island there, from which we did shorter fishing trips. We took one of the pikes that we caught and cooked it on the fire - it was soooo good! Two of the mornings there was amazing mist on the lake, we heard and saw a baby beaver, many large beavers swam around us and splashed their tails, loons, storks, frogs and the wind made an amazing sound through the pine trees!