Pictures From Mississagi Park and River

Howling wolves, howling winds, slippery rocks and frigid cold baths! These pictures are from a four day backpacking trip to Mississagi Provincial Park with my friends Janan and Mark in late October 2007. We started on the north part of the Helenbar Trail and camped on Helenbar Lake after visiting the remains of McKenzie's crashed plane (well worth the visit...). Next day we hiked to an amazing lookout over Lower and Upper Brush Lakes. After getting rid of our deer tick infestation we camped on Upper Brush Lake. The third day we hiked by the canyon overlooking the Stag Lake Peatland and headed back to Swmiwite Lake, where we found a great sandy campsite not marked on the map. The last day was an easy hike back along the north part of the Smiwite Lake Trail - we decided to leave the south part of this trail for another trip, and we finished off with the short but very beautiful Semiwite Creek Trail.

Mississagi River One of countless beaches along the river View from the top Some rapids Some rapids View along the river View on Rock Island Lake

Mississagi River north of Chapleau

These pictures were taken on Mississagi and Little White Rivers during my 2000 vacation. I consider Mississagi to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Ontario (that I have seen so far); the water is so clear that you can see the bottom at about 5m, and almost every turn in the river has a sandy beach.