Pictures From Massasauga Provincial Park

From a three day trip during the last weekend in September 2015. We went through Spider Lake to Spider Bay, camping at the very west end of Spider Lake on the first night and then in a nice bay of Spider Bay. We paddled out to a nice little island (West Island) and got some nice views from there. Got to see a lot of wildlife - several blue herons, beavers, lots of busy chipmunks collecting nuts for the winter and a really cool snake. There were many dragonflies all over but especially at the second campsite where they sat on everything including our fingers!

These are from a three day trip in late September 2014 with my dad to Wrath Island in Massasauga. First day we paddled to one of our favourite campsites at the west end of the park. We had an amazing night with wonderful skies which we looked at for a long time from the rocky point by the campsite. I woke up late at night and could see the Pleiades and Orion. Next day we were treated to excellent fog early morning and some cool wet spider webs (with the spiders nowhere to be seen...). Then we paddled to and around Wrath Island and headed to our second campsite. Again nice clear skies at night but the view was limited as the campsite was in a bay with trees around. Still, we enjoyed the fire and the next morning we had more awesome fog! We went out for a paddle in the fog and while we couldn't see very far at times, but paddling in the fog is always worth getting up early for! Excellent food, acorns falling from the trees, loons calling each other, some big fish jumping in the lake and wonderful weather made this a nice trip.

Spring 2014 trip with my dad to the north end of Massasauga. We started at the Three Legged Lake access point and canoed north on Spider to Canoe Lake. It was a nice two day trip, no other people camping on Spider or Canoe, so it was just us and the black flies! Seen some moose and deer tracks, a snapping turtle, cool dark snake enjoying the warm sun and at night we heard loons, frogs and an owl. Did some exploring of a nearby creek, had a great campfire at night and enjoyed a beautiful night sky reflecting in the still lake.

Pictures from a weekend trip to Massasauga with Nancy. Great campfire, a very nice sunset and a bit of rain on the second day (even the bear got wet!), but it was nice and warm.

A very nice trip with my friend Zina all the way out to Georgian Bay. This was a three day trip in mid-June 2011. We had favourable winds and beautiful clear skies at night. There were also many fireflies so it looked very pretty with the campfire, stars and fireflies all around. Many dragonflies too, and we got to hold some on our fingers.

A small weekend trip to Massasauga with my dad. We did some exploring on this one to find a portage route through a chain of beaver ponds.

These pictures are from from a great three day trip in early October to Massasauga and O'Donnell Point Nature Reserve. This time we started at a Marina and camped on Crown Land. The colours were great and there were not many people there. Wonderful clear skies at night, and it was nice to see Orion during a new moon!

These pictures are from from a weekend trip to Massasauga. We explored around Little Blackstone Lake and the north end of Blackstone Harbour.

16x9 Pictures

These pictures are from another short trip to Massasauga that I did with my dad in late May 2010. We started at Pete's Place access and paddled to campsite # 324. We paddled and explored around there for a bit and next day we paddled out to Georgian Bay.

These pictures are from a mid-May 2010 trip to Massasauga that I did with my dad. This time we started at Three Legged Lake and camped on Spider Lake. Next day we paddled south to Clear Lake and back to Spider. The sunrise was amazing! Very nice lakes, great food, lots of owls and bats, few people and no cottages made this a good trip.

These are pictures from our first canoe trip to Massasauga, a three day trip in September of 2009. While we have canoed many places, somehow we never made it to this nearby location! Good weather, bit cool and windy, but sunny. It was great to paddle out on Georgian Bay to some of the wind swept islands. Beautiful clear water during the day and a wonderful clear sky at night.