Pictures From Lady Evelyn River

These pictures were taken during a 5-day canoe trip in early August of 2001. We started on Ferguson Bay and headed to Diamond Lake. Then we canoed north, to Lady Evelyn Lake, where we camped for the first night. From where we portaged into Willow Island Lake. After camping on an island under Frank Falls, we started our expedition up the Lady Evelyn River, North Channel, which took us to beautiful and quite Katherine Lake through three great waterfalls, and two very rough portages. Center Falls is something to see!

Next day we continued on along the South Channel of the river. The portages here are very rough and strenuous, and not recommended unless you want to kill yourself! We didn't see anyone on this stretch of the river; I wonder why... We managed (somehow), and it was worth it because the Bridal Veil waterfall is really amazing. Went for a swim under it :-)

After finishing the river and arriving at the south end of Willow Island Lake, we camped there before taking the 4km portage into Diamond Lake the next day. There was a huge thunderstorm that night, so every meter of the 4000m was wet! After arriving (4 hours later - had to do the portage 3 times of course!) soaking wet at a beautiful boggy bay on Diamond Lake, we took a small brake. Then we paddled east on the lake, back to Lake Temagami, drying along the way... The trip ended with a swim on the amazing beach on Ferguson Bay. Great trip overall, amazing scenery, and very very rough ! (glad to be alive...)