Pictures From Killarney Provincial Park

First camping trip of 2017 (mid-April) with Alan. The weather was not looking best so we decided to stay at H4 for two nights and hike around there a bit. On the way we did some exploring off the trail before H1, and got great views of the south-western part of the park after climbing a ridge. The lakes were still mostly frozen and there were patches of snow on the ground, but the ice was melting quickly. We had excellent weather the first day and amazing fog on the second day after a night of rain. Fair bit of rain overall but the tarp kept us dry and we had a fire with the rain around! Coming back the trail was quite wet and we had a hard time crossing one creek that turned into a small river - had to take off the boots and walk across the frigid waters!

Bizhiw Lake Expedition, late April, 2012. We found it, finally! This was my third attempt to find this lake, and it was far more amazing that I expected. This was a great three day trip with my friend Alan; we climbed several peaks along the route and found some interesting places. Bizhiw lake was an interesting contrast to Topaz, which has crystal clear turqouise waters, while Bizhiw had very murky and green water. The cliffs along the north end of the lake were much higher than I expected, and we risked our lives along a norrow passage ('The Pass of Atoll') along the cliff face to get to an amazing huge rock outcrop for a great view and a few pictures. Later we realized from the side that this huge rock is actually detached from the cliff face and finely balanced at the bottom :-)

August 2011 four-day trip with my relative Bogdan from Poland to Killarney. We stayed at H2 for a night and two nights at H6 from which we hiked to Topaz Lake and tried to find Bizhiw Lake. Interesting weather, with a mix of rain and sun on this trip!

Finally I did a canoe trip with my dad in Killarney. It has been too many years since I canoed here, as I have mostly been doing backpacking trips to the park. The weather was different, which yielded some very interesting pictures. Due to the weather there were also very few people on OSA Lake where we stayed, and in the park in general.

These are from a four day trip in late July 2010 with Zina. We stayed at H4 where we climed the hill beside it (well worth the view!). Next day we hiked to H5 and relaxed. The day after we did a great day hike to Perl Lake, just north of the west end of Artist Lake, and of course we visited Topaz. On the last day we hiked to H2 and explored the pretty rocks around there. Great trip and great food! Zina even brought a cake :-)

Killarney in 16x9

Pictures from a three day trip to Killarney in late April 2010 with my friend Rob (who attempted to amputate his leg with a sharp rock). We stayed at H6 for two nights and hiked to Topaz Lake to try to find the two little lakes west of it. No luck finding the lakes, but we did find a lot of white rocks! After the trip we drove down to the hiking trail at the Chikanishing access point to check out Georgian Bay, and got attacked by a swarm of flies.

Killarney in 16x9

Early May 2009 trip to Killarney. We established camp at H7 and did a great day hike to the top of one of the mountains right beside it, to be rewarded with wonderful views on Baie Fine, Threenarrows and OSA. I took many pictures with the widesreen mode to better capture the amazing vistas.

The above pictures are from a late-November 2008 trip with Janan and Felix. Great trip - there was not a single person in the park when we got there! That's a first... We hiked to H1 and made camp there. Next day we hiked to H4 and back. The highlights of the trip were garlic bread toast over the the fire in the evenings, and Kisiel during the day. Some of our food froze unfortunately, but there was lots of snow to make coffee!

These pictures are from a mid-May 2008 trip to Killarney with my friends Asmahan and Marc-Antoni. We camped at H50 on the first night, then H49 on the second, and H51 on the third. The hike went through The Crack, and provided amazing views on Killarney and OSA lakes, and of the Blue Rage. Seeing ice in mid-May is always fun too!

These pictures are from a mid-March 2008 trip to Killarney with my friends Asmahan and Janan. We stayed at snowy St. George campground and did a couple of day hikes along the backpacking trail, to H54 on Jackson Lake on the first day, and to H4 on Acid Lade on the second day.

The above pictures are from a May 2007 backpacking trip with Janan. We stayed on H4 the first night, H8 the second and then H6 on the third. The highlight of the trip had to be Topaz Lake, which is simply amazing.

The above pictures are from a late-september 2002 trip that I did with some old friends (Matt, Carl and Paul). We started on George Lake, camped on Killarney, Baie Fine, Nellie, Howry, David, Johnnie and Killarney. It was a nine day trip and we paddled around the park, about 100km, with about 12km of portages. It was a great trip, as we had great weather during the day, lots of winds and rain at night, got stuck in the dark on portages and swampy creeks, had to find campsites in the dark, paddle through rain and lightning and battle strong winds on the last day. However, it was worth it as we have seen few people, one moose, bear tracks, auroras on three days and beautiful colors of trees !

These are from a great trip that we took to Kilarney Park a few years back, in 1995. We canoed around for a while, and eventually we ended up climbing the tallest peak in the mountain range: Silver Peak. It was a rought trail (as you can see by the waterfalls along the way, but it was worth it for the view! (The second last picture is one of my favorite pictures by the way). The last one is from Lake St. George.