Pictures From The Kawarthas Region

These pictures are from a short trip in the summer of 2005 that I did with my dad and my friend Asmahan :-)

They are from the Cedar Lake loop.

Pictures from another trip to Vixen Lake with Sean, and my new canoe, 15' Prospector Ranger. Summer 2005.

The above pics are from a July 2003 trip with my dad and Banana Man. It was just a two day trip, starting on Long Lake and going down to Vixen for one night. However, there was a lot to see in those two days ! First day was nice and sunny, while the second day started out that way, but then it rained for a bit.

From a trip to Bottle Creek and lake in the northwestern Kawarthas, summer of 2000.

Nice quite place to be, and not too far! These are from a trip in the Northern Kawarthas region, around Rathbun/Serpentine Lake in late summer of 1998.

These are from one of out first canoe trips. They were taken on a trip starting on Long Lake, going down to Buzzard and Vixen Lake, as well as Triangle Lake. These would probably be from the summer of 93.