Pictures From Chiniguchi River

These pictures are from our first canoe trip of 2001, in early May of that year. Location is southwestern Temagami Region. We started on Matamgamasi Lake (the first seven pictures and last few), and then went up Chiniguchi River, and several smaller lakes through which the river flows. There are some very nice cascading waterfalls along the way. One of the best lakes in the region is Wolf Lake, where we had our second campsite; it is surrounded by beautiful rugged mountains... Super clear water and lack of people made this trip memorable. Also, on the first evening, we noticed a black bear walking on the shore opposite to our campsite (small black dot on a white rock in the 3rd picture) - it looked as hungry as we were, but we decided not to share our food :-)

These are from our second trip (May/June 2002) on Chinuguchi River and Lake. This time we took Kukagami Road almost all the way to Wolf Lake! A 'displaced' bridge on a creek stopped us less than 2km of where we wanted to get (bridge between Wolf and Dawsay Lake) and we ended up getting taking a creek to Silvester Lake first. The road is super rough, and took us about one hour to do 30 km. Along the portage from Wolf Lake we encountered some slippery conditions! Eiter remnents of ice, or maybe hale. Then nasty winds hit us on Dawsay Lake, and we had to hide behind a rock for half an hour :-( Finally, we made it to the beautiful Chiniguchi Lake and our campsite on an island. However, strong winds on the second day wouldn't let us leave the island where we camped, so we ended up resting there, and enjoying the nice sunsets. It was a good trip, and 3-day trip without seeing people is! We did see a big black bear, but near Sudbury off the road.

The above pictures are from a July 2004 trip to Matagamasi Lake and Chiniguchi River. This time we went up the East arm of Matagamasi Lake, down to Donald Lake, then to Maskinonge Lake and back to Matagamasi on the river. It was a great trip, as the pictures show... This small loop is not as much travelled as the Wolf Lake route, and so we didn't see very many people. Some of the portages are pretty rough, and we had to clear some of them to get through. But it was well worth it, the views are amazing, and Colin Scott and Donald Lakes have amazingly clear waters. One of the main reasons for going this way was to find the Native Indian pictographs, which we did (2nd & 3rd pic). They were quite impressive, and the pictures were taken from a canoe, as they are on cliffs right by the water.