Pictures From Hawaii and CFHT - 2002A

On the way to LA, Utha, the Rocky Mountains and the LA airport

Hiking on cinder cones around HP (last pic shows view on HP)

HP and more hiking around it

The road from HP, view from the road down, and up, up... into the clouds to the summit of Mauna Kea @ 4300m altitude

The scopes: Picture (1,6) Subaru and Kecks, (2,4) CFHT, (3,5) Gemini

Sunrise on the summit and a view from the road going down

Sunsets from the summit, and thunderclouds/lightning

Little fun with GIMP

The 3.6 m CFHT telescope, with the IR camera visible in the 3rd picture

The control and data storage rooms of the CFHT

Screen shots of monitors (1st pic above) used to take the exposures

Around the 8m Gemini scope; control room, realuminizing chamber, me at the Cassegrain focus and top of the scope

Lava fields by the road, and my 15min on the beach...

Sunsets from Kona

Around the Royal Kona Hotel, view from my window, and the Kona airport