Building Our Prospector

Building your own canoe is great fun! It only took us about three weeks to build ours, and it can be done in one week actually. They are made from eastern red cedar, from British Columbia. The long boards are cut on different saws to get 16 feet long strips, which are then glued to each other and stapled to the stations. Then they are spoke-shaved, sanded and finally fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin is applied. Basically the same process is repeated inside. With that done, the inwells and outwells are installed, lift handles, seats and finally the carrying yoke. At the end the whole thing is varnished to protect the epoxy resin from UV light.

Ferring the stations Ferring the outstem Putting on the first few strips

Bottom almost closed Outside done; enjoying the moment with Ron Outside glassed; examining with my dad

Glassing the inside Putting on the finishing touches; varnishing

Ready for a  test!

Well, we also need a paddle...

After our first canoe, which was made in 1993, my dad and I have built dozens of these. Like I said; it's great fun, and they even float sometimes!

For more information and people you can contact if you have questions, check out the below web site. I personally recommend Ron Frenette (at Canadian Canoes), Roger Foster (at Carlisle Canoe Company) and Ted Moors (at Bear Mountain Boat Shop).