Qeen Elizabeth II Wildlands

Second trip to the QE park in mid-December 2018, with my friend Jeff. This trip was very different from the first, with a fair bit of snow on the ground and much colder temperatures! We had a couple of blizzards, first one before we got to our campsite on Sheldon Lake (where we stayed both nights), and second one during the morning two days later. It wasn't very cold during the day, around -5C, but at night in the wind it dropped to -18C. Jeff had a cool tarp tipee that he made and a stove which kept us warm! We got the temperature inside up to +26C at one time.

First backpacking trip to the QEII Wildlands park, at the end of August, 2018. We really liked the trail, although it wasn't easy - bit hilly and rough to start with so not much time to warm up! The section from Peter's Pond to Victoria Lake was VERY overgrown making it difficult to even see the trail, but that added to the fun. We camped on Victoria and next day decided to just do a day hike to Wolf Lake which turned out to be the right choice, being tired from the day before it would have been a very long hike back on the third day (which turned out to be very hot!). More up and down on the way to Wolf, and the section between the two lakes was basically a swamp with very few markers and took us a while to navigate. Wolf Lake is very pretty however and the trail to the campsite on it is relatively easy (there is also a great little beach at the west end of Wolf, if you survive the swamp). We got to see some several beavers swimming right in front of our site, nice birds, snake, loons and the stars late at night after the moon set. I went swimming as well. For sure we'll be going back!