Postcards From My Home Town: Jaroslaw, Poland

The above are some views of a couple of places around the old part of the city, and a bird's eye view of the old city.

Historical church from the XVII-XVIII century, with defensive walls.

Historical old city square from the XVII to XIX century. The third picture is of the Orsettich house from XVI century; presently a museum. The Town Hall in the last picture. It was reconstructed numerous times; originally in Gothic style, now Pseudorenessance.

This is another old church from the XVII century.

Gen. Karol Swierczewski Street (now known as John Paul II Street) in both of these pictures, but from different sides. This is one of the two main intersections in my city!

Well, if you are from Jaroslaw, or can read Polish, and would like to find out much more about the city, its history etc then go to this site:

And, if interested, you can also check out the web site of their newspaper (in Polish, of course!):