Cuba Vacation 2011

These are from a very nice week long vacation with my sister Anna in early December to a great resort in Cuba; Breezes Jibacoa. The resort is adults only and has a coral reef right in front of it. This was my first time swimming in the ocean and combined with snorkeling it was an amazing experience! I have seen many beautiful colourful fishes each time I went, including a spotfin butterfly, black & white lionfish (dead red lionfish on the shore), blue tangs, barracuda, cornetfish, spiky rock boring urchins, blue jellyfish (that washed up on the shore) and snails walking on the ocean bottom. The food was insanely amazing (especially the desserts!), service excellent and weather very nice. We did a little hike by ourselves on a trail behind the resort to a lookout which provided a great view and made the coral reef easy to see. On the hike we have seen a hermit crab, a neat lizard, a colourful bird and a very strange ball of something on a tree... We also did a day trip to Havana, which was quite interesting and I liked some of the old architercure. We started at an old fort, walked around old Havana, visited the place where Hemingway lived and where he got his mojitos, the oldest house in Havana, a neat museum, the cathedral where John Paul II gave a mass at in 1988, and the very smoky Romeo & Juliet cigar factory.